Who Dat Ninja?

I’m a copywriter. I like to write.

I’m also a creative director. Love that, too.

I would really like to write or creative direct for you, for money.

I would like to come up with concepts. Lots of them. And then flesh out the ones you really like. And then work out all the details to make it feel, to the client, like this is extremely doable, and also a perfect expression of their brand.

I’d really like to work with the people you work with, too, because I’m a really good collaborator. I like big teams. I like working with strategists and planners and account people because I’ve been spoiled by working with really good ones.

Interactive, TV, print, radio, outdoor, social, brand manifestos, internal branding campaigns, weird experiences, collateral, naming. This is all stuff I’ve done and love to do. I’m especially good at mixing them up into big broad campaigns.

I’ve owned my own agencies. I’m tired of owning agencies. That’s why I’ve chosen the freelance path.

Shall we?


My Portfolio Site

Cell: 503-267-3084

4330 NE 70th Ave, Portland, Oregon 97218

Email: douglowell@gmail.com


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