Words that don’t belong together

tongue grater

edible toilet

pretty boy scout slave

hanging with your Mom

fragile swing set

lumpy mashed head cheese

priestly love

infested pants

poop mascara




Alec Soth Renews His Love

Alec Soth

Anytime we do something for very long, we hit the point where we just plain get tired. Our working life becomes too familiar, too routine, too grooved. Stale. A stained urinal.

Alec Soth, the photographer, talks about that in this short interview. It’s this unwillingness to give it up that leads one to find that renewal switch, that way to re-approach what we do so that it’s fresh and exhilarating again.

It happens to everyone eventually, no matter what we do. Part of Picasso’s genius was the way he kept reinventing himself and his art so that he never lost his dedication and persistence.

Thanks for talking about it, Alec.

From Soth's latest book, Broken Manual.

From Soth's first book, Sleeping By The Mississippi

Today is the first Friday Joke of the rest of your life

Yep, once again, another week has arced across the sky and exploded into little tiny bits, raining down week-debris upon our heads. To celebrate this short-lived event, we present the ritual recognition of ephemerality known as the Friday Joke.


What did one cannibal say to the other while they were eating a clown?

Does this taste funny to you?