Miles don’t know

If you have any questions about whether Miles Nadal, the CEO of MDC Partners, is a sharp guy, this interview should help answer that question. He’s built an awfully sharp business made up of other sharp businesses (Crispin, Kirshenbaum, 72 and Sunny, etc.). And he answers his questions well.

I like this quote about the right way to get your brand message out there: “Right now we say you don’t know what’s going to work, we don’t know what the most impactful thing is going to be long term, so you’ve got to diversify your investment strategy in all places, you’ve gotta try different things to see what’s going to work and then feed the winners and starve the losers.”

Yes, I did just unfollow him on Twitter because his Tweets ended up being the equivalent of an MSNBC news feed that cluttered my world (and my brain). But I’m following what he’s doing and saying otherwise — very closely.

By the way, I didn’t know MDC had added Anomaly (one of my all-time favs) to its roster. Must have been while I was visiting one of the alternate universes that string theory’s been telling me about. But that’s a sharp move, too.


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