Shut up and do something

Nothing exemplifies the way the branding world has changed better than this new “campaign” for the Audi 7.

Audi and their agency, Venables Bell and Partners, took on two famous intersections in San Francisco and Audi-fied them with design. The whole idea is that Audi’s boldly-designed car deserves a boldly-designed world.

The installations are actually gifts to the pedestrians of San Francisco — gifts that plant an idea in people’s minds. An idea that links Audi with innovative design. And they’re reminded of this idea every time they walk by these busy locales.

And we, who are not in San Francisco, are having this idea planted in our brains by reading about the experience on the interwebs.

So instead of trying to tell the world about the design of the Audi 7, the brand is demonstrating their message. Which, of course, makes a much more believable message, doesn’t it?

It also starts to build a different kind of relationship than what traditional advertising alone could build. And that is the relationship between people and a brand’s culture. People are willing to essentially join a brand’s culture when that brand’s values align with theirs. And the best way for people to judge the brand’s values is based on the brand’s actions.

Meanwhile, instead of the world being flooded with more ads, San Francisco gets a pair of improved intersections and pedestrians get a much more interesting sidewalk experience. Who loses in this scenario?

No one.


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