Client-Agency divorce is too easy

This is a really wonderful and important opinion piece by Avi Dan of Avidan Strategies, a company that matches and patches agency-client marriages. It’s about how quickly a client decides that the problem with their agency relationship is the agency. When often the problem is the nature of any relationship.

Relationships are hard to sustain. They get bruised and battered. Sometimes out is more attractive than doing the work to fix it. But, as with most second and third marriages, too often the relationship gets to the same place as the first one.

One of my favorite sayings of Winston Churchill’s is: When you find yourself going through hell, keep going.

That doesn’t mean a relationship can always be fixed. I’ve certainly suffered through client relationships that should have ended long before. In those cases, the relationship was a mistake from the first, and there are usually signs of this right away (if not a whole lot sooner). But, since I celebrated my 31st wedding anniversary last night, I can tell you from experience that it’s worth trying to fix things before you throw them away. The most amazing relationship sometimes gets broken.

Thank you to Kerry Martin for pointing out this article. Kerri knows something about agency-client relationships, having been on both sides of them.


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