Friday joke

I don’t usually tell jokes. But that’s the great thing about a blog, you can do things you don’t normally do. Like you should see my costume.

Anyway, I thought maybe on Fridays I’d tell a joke.

This one, the inaugural, was something I read in an article on humor. It was the example they used for a bad joke, versus a good joke. I thought it was the best joke in the article. When I told it to my partner at the time, Marc Sobier, he almost shit.

Q: What’s blond, big tits, lives in Miami?

A: Salman Rushdie.

OK, so it’s a joke that relies on a particular situation at a particular time, namely, the era when Salmon Rushdie was in hiding with a price on his head courtesy of Iran for having written The Satanic Verses. Everyone was wondering where he was. So, if you were playing with your wee-wee and spitting up milk during that time, you won’t get it. But us older folks will.

That’s it.


2 thoughts on “Friday joke

  1. I still love the image of Salman Rushdie sporting a set of Triple-D’s in South Beach. That part will always be funny.

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