Best print ad I was part of that never got made

The client was Oneida. They make elegant-ish flatwear. You know, forks, knives, etc. The year was 1993 (I guess I’m stuck there for a few posts). My partner Chris Van Oosterhout and I had the assignment: a fork ad.

It was an elegant fork. We had an elegant idea.

Picture this: a lovely, minimalist shot of the ocean floor with a clam lying on the sandy bottom. And next to the clam on the sandy bottom of the sea is the Oneida fork.


Reason to evolve.


That’s it. No body copy.

The client loved it. Except not really, because they were sure no one would understand the clam, and wouldn’t it be funnier if it was a monkey? Actually, a chimp, to be precise?

No. It would not be funnier if it was a monkey.

I can’t remember if the monkey version got made or not. Oh, well.


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