A skanky crack ho just waiting to be saved

You know what has fallen on hard times and hit the pavement face first?


Man, radio can be so awesome. I learned that from my mentor, Austin Howe, who is a writer’s writer, when I was at AKA Advertising and Sass. Austin later formed Radioland, a pure-play radio creative and production house. Anyway, from the very start of my career, I learned not to fear radio, but to love it.

And now it’s cornered me on the sidewalk and is asking if I’ve got some spare change for a ham sandwich and am I looking for a date and do I have a cigarette and what’s my name.

Jeez. It doesn’t have to be this way. I think that’s what the Cannes radio Grand Prix winner shows: just how friggin Batman radio can be — when it’s handled with love by people who actually care about the medium.

Let’s get Radio a room at a halfway house and see if we can’t clean her up, OK? Let’s give her another chance.

(Call to action: I like writing radio. See my portfolio. Of course this post is self-serving. What’s the title of my blog, man?)


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