The (inimitable) Friday Joke

You ready? You sure?

Here it is:

A man opens his door and finds a snail on his front porch. He picks it up and throws it across the street.

A year later the man opens his door and finds the same snail on his front porch.
The snail looks up and says, “What the fuck was that all about?”


Miles don’t know

If you have any questions about whether Miles Nadal, the CEO of MDC Partners, is a sharp guy, this interview should help answer that question. He’s built an awfully sharp business made up of other sharp businesses (Crispin, Kirshenbaum, 72 and Sunny, etc.). And he answers his questions well.

I like this quote about the right way to get your brand message out there: Continue reading

200 scripts later, he’s shooting

An intriguing and insightful blog post by Mr. George Tannenbaum of R/GA on passing through the long, winding, acidic digestive tract of a client and coming out the other end with spots to shoot.

He wrote 200 scripts, showed half to the client, and finally got approval. You can read what he learned from the experience and then test it against your own learnings.

Workspoitation and Kapitalism Deux

You never know what you’ll find next to the toilet.

Today, it was Breakfast With Socrates, a book my wife is reading. The author essentially shows how some of the most important philosophers, artists, musicians, and other thinkers actually address our real life issues, since, as the author says, philosophy was always meant to inform how we live our lives. (True dat.)

I had just enough time to peruse a bit of the chapter on work. It starts off by asking if you love or hate your job, and whether, like 35% of lottery winners, you’d do it even if you didn’t need the money. I think you can imagine which bearded figure this was all heading towards. It was an introduction for the man who haunted the British Public Library as he Continue reading